Container Gardening Services: What Are They and Why You Should Offer Them

By July 1, 2020 Blog

As business owners and managers, it’s always important to watch trends and look for ways to expand and update your services. In the landscape industry, there’s a strong demand for small space gardening, including container gardening as a natural extension of that trend.

Are you taking advantage of your knowledge and expertise to help your customers’ get the most from their containers? Whether indoor, outdoor, decorative, or growing food, containers can enhance properties and lives. Up your container game to maximize your customer service offerings and profits.

Here’s why and how you should consider offering container planting services.

No Space, No Problem!

Why the push for container gardening?

An increase in urban living, smaller plots of land in the suburbs, and the rise of outdoor living, including kitchens, fireplaces, lounge areas, etc., can leave little room for extensive gardening beds. Younger generations are flocking to the cities and trying their hand at gardening for the first time. There is also an exploding desire for people to grow their own food.

Container gardens are the perfect solution for all of these situations. Strategically placed pots can create a focal point or even a privacy screen and add color, texture, and movement to hardscapes. They can even provide a spot for organic food gardening. A potted apple tree, fragrant rosemary, or ripe tomatoes can bring food right to your customers’ doorstep.

Container gardening is an excellent addition to any landscape, whether residential or commercial. So how can you adjust your business to accommodate this trend?

Containers on the Go!

Get in the game by offering container planting services. There are four ways you can add value and attract customers.

  1. Let them come! Offer in-house container planting. Customers can drop off their pots or choose from your in-stock planters. Then have them fill out a request specifying preferred colors, plants, sun exposure, etc. Containers can be ready to go for every season.
  2. Hit the road! When containers are just too large, or there are too many, it’s a great opportunity to visit your customers’ spaces and offer your creativity and expertise. Your ability to collaborate on design and placement is invaluable.
  3. Ready-made!  Make sure your garden center is overflowing with gorgeous examples for sale of your container designs. Many people like to see exactly what they are buying. Containers, hanging pots, window boxes, etc. that are already planted are always a big seller.
  4. Maintenance services! Not everyone is interested in or has the time to maintain their container gardens. Proper watering, deadheading, fertilizing, and harvesting makes a difference in your plantings’ health and longevity. By providing regular maintenance care, you will establish a working relationship with your customers and ensure a beautiful, productive season of flowers and food.

Container planting and maintenance also pairs well with garden coaching services. New gardeners, in particular, will appreciate the opportunity to learn from the best. Be sure you let customers know through your website and social media pages of all you have to offer and provide stunning pics of your handiwork. And don’t forget the mulch! Large pots do well when they have a layer of mulch to retain moisture, insulate against temperature swings, and deter weeds from sprouting.

Happy planting!