Weed Out the Competition: These All-Natural Remedies Help Gardens Grow 
While Giving Weeds the Heave-Ho 

By June 3, 2019 Blog

Did you know?

June 5th has a special designation – World Environment Day. It was established in 1972 by the United Nations General Assembly, and it’s celebrated in over 100 countries. Whether practicing the best methods for recycling or simply planting a tree, the idea is to get your hands dirty. You usually don’t have to look much further than the beautification of your backyard, community garden, or office complex.

As hot summer temperatures reach a boil, it’s inevitable for grass, vegetation, and weeds to grow. This is the state of Mother Nature, yet most of us don’t have the luxury of gardening each and every day. And, admit it, pulling weeds isn’t exactly a national pastime. The thing we most want to dig our heels into is a sandy, sun-filled beach.

Luckily, the ReNature Products team has all-natural remedies to stop the sprout. In honor of World Environment Day, here are some time-saving tips for weed control – without any use of harsh nutrients or scary, man-made chemicals. And by weeds, we mean any unwanted plants such as stubborn crabgrass or yellow dandelions.

Try Organic Wood Mulch

You can and should stop weeds before they start. Organic mulch or straw is especially effective for vegetable beds. Lay landscape fabric on the ground and proceed to add a two to three-inch layer of organic mulch. We’re big fans of natural wood chips which keep roots cooler, holds moisture, and blocks sunlight from reaching weed seeds. This  disrupts the chances for germination.

Another bonus: landscape fabric, when protected from sunlight, decomposes slower than mulch and requires only occasional replacement. According to Family Handyman, be sure the pores of the fabric are small enough to inhibit weeds from growing through its exterior. Moreover, landscape fabric should stretch rather than harbor a stiff or brittle feel. So, be sure to pay mind to texture along with selecting NOP-approved biodegradable materials.

Kill Weeds with a Gentle Touch

The NOP (National Organic Program), is a federal regulatory enterprise that enforces uniform national standards for organically-produced agricultural products sold in the United States. The NOP defines mulch as “non-synthetic material, such as wood chips, leaves, or straw, or any allowed synthetic material such as newspaper or plastic that serves to suppress weed growth, moderate soil temperature, or conserve soil moisture.”

For this reason, we team up with many nurseries, garden centers, and outdoor recreational facilities. By breaking down wooden pallets into refined, eco-friendly mulch, ReNature Products offer a safe alternative for sustainable ground cover. Other types of organic mulch to consider manure, bark chips, and grass clippings.             

But before you lay down any mulch, it’s best to pull existing weeds by their root manually. Otherwise, these pre-existing buggers will turn up time and time again. Right after a rainstorm, the ground is soft, making conditions ideal for weed removal. Along with the best tools, such as a narrow trowel, you can easily loosen the soil bed and taproots.

Go Glyphosate-Free

The herbicide, glyphosate, has been one of the most commonly used agricultural chemicals. Yet in recent years, studies and even lawsuits have shown it’s an aggregator of genetically modified foods. This spray seeps into our irrigation systems and air quality and has been linked to severe health complications, including infertility, immune problems, and gastrointestinal changes, to name a few.

Moms Across America recommends Pulverize Weed & Grass Killer, a nontoxic herbicidal soap approved for organic gardening. Pulverize can be used on mulch and around planters, flower beds, and trees.        

The good news? There are roughly 250,000 species of plants worldwide, yet just three percent are classified as weeds (uninvited plants in cultivated areas). So, you can fight the good fight with the help of concentrated solutions.

Here are some other eco-friendly options for keeping a well-manicured property. 

Boiling Water (deadens weed growth on sidewalks and driveways)

Corn Gluten (effective as a pre-emergent herbicide for lawn weeds)

White or Apple Cider Vinegar (sprayed on the stems of dandelions)

Rock Salt (weed barrier for lawn edges; common places where mowers can’t reach)   

With ReNature Products producing and selling high-quality, organic wood mulch, you can count on us to help you protect your soil. And, for less headaches, rely on us for five-star service and delivery.

Pesky weeds… won’t ever see the light of day!

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