The 6 Most Important Questions You Should Ask Your Mulch Supplier

By September 3, 2019 September 5th, 2019 Blog

Managing a garden center or landscaping business is hard work! Your time and dollars are valuable. Unfortunately, relying on vendors to keep your business running smoothly can be a real challenge. Get it wrong, and you’ll pay the price. But get it right, and you’ll have plenty of happy, satisfied customers.

Finding an organic mulch supplier that you can count on is probably high on your to-do list.

In addition to the quality of the mulch, it also needs to be readily available in high quantities. And your business’s excellent reputation and competitive edge require a great price you can offer your customers. So, how can you find a supplier that anticipates and meets all of your needs? We’ve put together six valuable questions to ask a prospective organic mulch supplier to make sure you are always stocked and ready to go.

1. Who makes your mulch?

You want a mulch supplier that knows and has control over the quality of their product. Look for one that makes their own mulch onsite. Cut out the middleman and go straight to the source. By doing so, you can cut costs, but also ensure you are getting exactly what you sign up for and not some downgraded substitute product. And, by establishing a relationship with the manufacturer, they will be directly accountable to you.

2. What’s in it?

Now that you know where the mulch is coming from, it’s important to understand what goes into making the mulch. Organic mulch can be extremely beneficial to landscapes. Not only can it suppress weeds, retain moisture, and control erosion, but it can also improve the condition of the soil itself. You want a clean product. Free of harmful chemicals, rocks, trash, or seeds that can germinate weeds. Make sure your supplier is using natural wood waste products and has a rigorous system in place to ensure quality.

3. Do you offer a variety of mulch products?

Are your customers looking for natural, dyed, or playground certified mulch? Finding a mulch manufacturer that can meet all of your needs will make ordering much easier. Look for a supplier that can offer high-quality dyed mulch in a variety of colors. Avoid cheap dyes that bleed and do not stand up to the sun. Be sure “playground mulch” is certified by an organization like the International Playground Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (IPEMA).

4. Is the quality of your product consistent?

Your customers expect a quality product so don’t accept fluctuations from your mulch manufacturer. What quality control measures are in place? What process are they using to collect wood and other organic materials? Make sure these questions can be answered to your satisfaction. A consistently high-quality organic product will keep your consumers happy and coming back for more.

5. Are you reliable?

What good is partnering with a mulch supplier if they don’t have enough product or can’t deliver to your facility or job site on time? Can they keep up with your demand? How often are they making products and how much do they have on hand? Make sure your mulch manufacturer is well-stocked and producing fresh mulch daily. Look for timely, free delivery, and excellent customer service.

6. Am I getting a good value?

Go straight to the source for wholesale prices. Look for free delivery. And, of course, make sure you are getting the volume you are paying for. 

Asking these six questions will help you find just the right mulch manufacturer to supply your business with the quality products you need. The right partner can make a huge difference by easing your worry, saving you time and money, and allowing your business to shine. Ultimately, happy customers are your best marketing tool.

Still have questions, contact us at ReNature Products. We have the answers you’re looking for to become your next dependable, cost-effective, quality mulch supplier.